Ticket Sales Management

At ShowsHappening, we provide a comprehensive ticket sales management system that simplifies the process for event organizers. Our platform is designed to help you sell tickets to your target audience with ease and efficiency.


Unlimited TicketTypes for Free

No upfront costs or sneaky fees when you list your event and sell tickets on our platform. So feel free to list your event without any worries, as we won't be throwing any surprises your way. We’re in it together.


Flexible Ticket Options

Total control from your dashboard. Create and group ticket types, add ticket limits, group limits, hidden ticket types, member ticket prices, ticket types only available to some sellers, discounts for sellers. Colour code or add ticket image and a whole lot more.


Resource Management

Do you rent out 5 Jet Ski every hour and allow someone to book for 15 minutes, 30, 45, or 1 hr? See where we’re going here? We simplify resource tracking so that you can maximize limited resources, such as rentals.


Effortless Order Management

Say goodbye to ticket sale chaos, and hello to our intuitive dashboard! Manage orders like a pro – whether you want to modify or cancel orders or track real-time sales performance – all in one place.


Complimentary Ticket Management

Our streamlined process allows you to issue complimentary tickets quickly and easily, keeping track of each one and integrating it with your sales figures to reflect its complementary nature.


Ticket Offices and Resellers

Bring your partners on board to sell tickets through our platform. Expand your reach and boost your sales – it's a win-win!


Your Analytics Integration

You like data? We love it! With our Google and Facebook ads analytics integration, you'll get all the insights you need to refine your sales process, messaging, and targeting. No more guessing – make informed decisions.


Pixel Codes for Advertising

Pixel codes, anyone? Our Google and Facebook pixel codes let you track who's buying what based on your ad campaigns. Test out different copies and audiences, optimize your ads, and watch your sales skyrocket!


Your Affiliate Partners

Join forces with us and ace it together! Our platform lets you generate unique codes for affiliates, track their sales, and monitor their effectiveness. Maximize your sales and reach out to a wider audience – it's a team effort.


Comprehensive Sales Tracking

Let's keep things organized, shall we? Our platform tracks sales from every outlet, giving you an accurate and up-to-date figure of your sales and revenue. No more confusion – just clear, concise data to help you stay on top.


Individual Link Tracking

Test, test, test – that's the secret to success! Our platform allows you to create individual links and track their performance easily. Try out different online spots to sell your tickets, optimize your sales strategy, and watch your sales soar!


API for full Integration

For ultimate flexibility, communicate with ShowsHappening via our API. This is the ultimate wingman for your brand. It seamlessly integrates with your website or mobile app, making it feel like an organic part of your online identity.



What is Showshappening?

Showshappening is an online platform that connects event organizers with ticket buyers. We provide a range of services, including ticket sales, event promotion, and audience management, making it easy for organizers to set up and manage their events.

How can I sell tickets through Showshappening?

We understand the importance of convenience and accessibility when it comes to organizing events. Thus, you can create an account on our website and list your event for free. Once your event is approved, you can set up ticket sales, track ticket sales data, and manage your attendees.

How can i receive money from my tickets?

Our preferred method is that you use Stripe to receive your money directly, please contact us to request a link. alternatively we can collect the money on you behalf and pay you 1 week after the event takes place.

How can I contact Showshappening for support?

You can reach us on hello@showshappening.com. We’ll be happy to also share a Whats App number with you or jump on a video call. Whether you need help setting up your event or have questions about ticket sales, we are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a successful event.

How do I promote my event on Showshappening?

Once you have created an account and listed your event on our website, you can use our event promotion tools to increase visibility and attract more attendees. These tools may include social media marketing, email marketing, and targeted advertising.

What kind of events can be listed on Showshappening?

We welcome many events on our platform, including concerts, theater productions, sports events, and festivals. Our platform is designed to accommodate a diverse range of events, ensuring that each one receives the highest level of support and attention from our team.


Coupon codes & offers

Whether you are bundling up different nights of a festival, providing a membership discount, or simply giving a straight discount, you can add and adjust them with ease.



You can get a comprehensive report on your event, just like a theater critic would provide a review. Keep track of sales in real-time, monitor costs, and stay on top of break-even points. Our granular reporting means no detail is too small, so you can make informed decisions for every event.

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